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Hurricane Michael made landfall, crashing into the Florida Panhandle, devastating families and businesses.  The hurricane left many people living in desperate conditions.  As of Sunday, many customers are still without power, some being the fragile and vulnerable adults who live in the Panama City and surrounding areas.  As of now it is predicted that power will not be restored for weeks.  We received word Sunday that our office in Panama City, staff and 45 of our clients were deeply affected by Hurricane Michael.  The North Florida Office of Public Guardian, Inc. are in need of the following items to be donated to our wards living in the affected area of the panhandle.  Donations can be dropped off at the North Florida Office of Public Guardian, Inc. 1425 E. Piedmont Drive, Suite 201-B, Tallahassee, FL, or we can schedule a pick up time convenient for you.

Adult Wipes, Adult Diapers, Toiletries, sanitizing wipes, shoes for men and women (all sizes), sock ( all sizes), undergarments ( all sizes – men and women), tooth paste and tooth brushes, mouth wash, bug spray, towels and wash cloths, water, snacks, nonperishable food items, batteries,  fans (battery operated), portable DVD players, cards/games.   Thank you for your support of others during this time of need.  For more information please contact Janice Chance at 850-487-4609 Ext 115 or janice.chance@northfloridaopg.org

Office hours:

Monday – Thursday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Friday – 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

The Office of Public Guardian, Inc., (OPG) serves adults with mental and/or physical disabilities as their court-appointed legal guardian when they are incapable of managing some or all of their affairs.

The Office of Public Guardian, Inc., was established to act as a substitute decision-maker for those persons in the Big Bend Area who are functionally impaired to the extent that they require the protection of court intervention. The OPG provides quality public assistance in the form of guardianship services to vulnerable adults adjudicated incapacitated who have no family, friends, or resources to obtain a private guardian.

Through the provision of public guardianship services and under the direction of the court, the OPG strives to:

  • enhance quality of life,
  • employ “substituted judgment,” acting as the person would have when making decisions in their best interests,
  • protect against abuse, neglect and exploitation, and
  • safeguard and exercise the fundamental civil rights of the people we serve

Guardianship is a serious step! Just because the person has a disability does not mean he or she needs a guardian. Guardianship is inappropriate if there are other alternatives such as a durable power of attorney, medical proxy, public benefits’ representative, etc.

You may contact our OPG Staff or click on Referral Process on the toolbar above for more information on guardianship alternatives or information on how to make a referral to OPG.

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